I’m such a smiley giggly fucking idiot


3 days down

All in all I’m having a good time! The city is lovely and most of the people are fantastic. My room mate is tolerable, but the people in the room next to mine are despicable! Theirs like 50 of them in there and I really want some fucking sleep! The two rooms are divided by a bathroom with doors on either side. I just took a shower and a random guy started yelling at me through the door… Seriously, grow the fuck up ass holes…

I’m meeting lots of nice people, already made some friends, and am settling in quite well. I’m already going stir crazy in my dorm though, eek! 

Met a really sweet guy! Strange how things happen, he looked lost so I just kind of snatched him and helped him out. Went out a couple times today and got caught in a rainstorm! He lives off campus so I’ll be glad to get away for a bit tomorrow. 

Orientation starts tomorrow, let all hell break loose! On your mark… Get set…